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Rob Fuz


Hello I'm Rob Fuz, a professional videographer from Warwickshire and my passion is story telling. I’ve always loved stories and ever since I’ve been able to, I have made films. Starting out in my back garden with my dad as a kid, I then went on to study film and photography after leaving school which taught me all the technical knowledge and I later went on to flex my artistic side earning my degree at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Professionally I started out by filming adverts, music videos and then my friends and family’s Weddings. I was asked to shoot more and more and finally I listened to those close to me and decided to set up my Wedding film business. I am convinced you can only be successful at something if you love it. That passion is what connects to your work and shines through. To find your individual and personal vision and bring it to life is what matters to me. By understanding your needs I can give you your story so we can create something special to keep forever.


Mark ‘Dom’ Treppass

2nd Shooter

His background in animation and cinematography from Hertfordshire University gave Mark his sharp eye for composition. Always looking for detail and capturing your Wedding guests in a natural way, he brings his bright & friendly personality everywhere he goes.


Jack Richardson

Drone Pilot & 2nd Shooter

Jack takes to the skies with his drone for your big day, capturing beautiful views which only a few years ago would have been impossible. Fully trained and licensed, holding a PFCO from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). He also earned his degree from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire to extend his creative story telling skills.